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My Treasure Book

National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India organised an exhibition, "Lines of Inquiry" in March 2020, to showcase and discover projects that explore the inward and outward quests pursued by learners and teachers in the classroom and outside it, in the past year.

Students from middle and high schools were invited to visit the exhibition. 'My Treasure Book' is a handbook for the students to explore the exhibition through the lens of life that have experienced. It attempts to breakdown critical inquiries shared, into simple ideas that students would be inspired by and get a glimpse of what embodies design.


Booklet Design


National Institute of Design


March 2020


Below is the Exhibition intent statement provided by the curators. Before designing the booklet, I used it as a reference to what I wanted the students to experience and think about through this exhibition.


Next step was to understand how the physical space was designed for the exhibition. Every exhibit was categorised based on the type of reflective practice the designer went through during the course of the project - Self / their practice / a subject / the system

I took the four words forward and simplified them into terms that any non-designer can understand and relate to.

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