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Contagious Ideas

The Youth Symposium is the Science Gallery Network’s annual gathering of advisers, Mediators, staff members, and core audiences. 2021’s iteration was titled BOREDOM REBELLION, and its programme invited people to break monotonous routines and create together in a virtual space. 


Science Gallery Bengaluru participated by organising Contagious Ideas, a three-day design lab in which participants cooked up new ideas and experimented with them. Alongside the Science Gallery Team and peers from around the world, participants selected and worked on a design challenge from ideation all the way through to testing.

Collaborators: Madhushree Kamak, Gayatri Manu, Shweta Jangir, Vasudha Malani


Workshop Design and facilitation


Youth Symposium

Science Gallery Bengaluru


January 2021

Contagious ideas_1080x1080.png

Workshop duration: 3 days long

Registrations: 36

Participants: 13

Contagious Ideas screenshot02.png
Contagious Ideas screenshot01.png
Contagious Ideas.png
Contagious Ideas screenshot03.png

Workshop structure:

  1. Introduction and Ice-breaking activities

  2. Exercises to select a main prompt topic

  3. Research, discussions, and understanding of nuances of the topic

  4. Creation of smaller groups and exploring a small problem in the topic in the participant's context

  5. Rapid ideation and sketching, feedback, and future steps

  6. Sharing of resources

Please feel free to get in touch for more details:

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