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Trees and Tales

Trees and tales is an exhibition put up by the Exhibition batch 2015 as a part of Design project 1 course module. The exhibition explore the individual memories and experiences that the students have with trees from their childhood.

I chose to work with Peepal tree, interested in its abundance around the country. Research showcased its abundance not just in quantity, but also in its significance in multiple cultures. 

Through the final exhibit, I aimed at retelling its story as an entity that crosses the boundaries of various religion, finding significance in all. It existence in every nook and corner of streets brought shade to all.


Exhibit and Collateral Design


Personal Project

Guide: Jonak Das


May 2017


In Love with a Tree

Peepal Tree.jpeg

The exhibit formed an enclosed space with the exterior resembling an old rock room and once the visitor enters the room, they explore the various cultures that Peepal Tree is a part of through the wall painings and the collaterals.

The roof was designed to create beautiful leaf shadows similar to that of sitting under an actual peepal tree.

Peepal Tree 6.jpeg
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