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Art with Intent

In the midst of this global pandemic, a couple of us came together to talk/discuss design and inspire people with the power of creativity through stories.

Artwithintent is an online platform where we host live shows and series to engage with the youth to create a design-sensitive world and develop the role of design across fields. It is based on Instagram and Medium.


My role: Researcher, curator, writer

Instagram Page: @artwithintent
Medium: @artwithintent


Programme Design


Personal Project


May - August 2020

Discussion Room

Co-host | Researcher | Blog Author

Discussion Room dwells into the work, process, and outlook of Design and Art practitioners who have a unique outlook/process/inquiry in their work which has taken them through an extraordinary journey. We frame questions and look for answers to some of the confusing yet interesting and uncomfortable yet hard-hitting topics that surround us.

It is a 30-45 minutes long live interview with IGTV upload of edited show and an edited medium blog.


Host | Researcher | Curator

Knowledge resources create a strong foundation for one's work. Schools, mentors, and institutions provide students with access to these which could be challenging to gain beyond the academic walls.

With our bookmarked series, we bring to you books, articles, and more from the beloved collection of the academic mentors, to keep you inspired and updated with the latest and the best.

Click here to access the drive link to the Bookmarked repository.

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