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Design practitioner; working at the intersection of science, arts, culture and learning.


April 20, 2022

Why are Mammals called Mammals?

A graphic narrative adaptation of the research paper by the same name [Supported by the British Council]

April 01, 2022 

PSYCHE exhibition season at Science Gallery Bengaluru [SGB]


November 2022

Launch of the SGB Campus

I create spaces and experiences that are evocative and have an element of surprise in them.


All of which attempt at bringing to the forefront connections in our surroundings that sometimes go unnoticed?

sometimes questions that lay forgotten?

maybe labyrinthine relationships that can be tricky to make sense of?

and finally, some necessary reflections to have as beings.


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Programme on Discord

Screenshot 2021-11-09 at 2.57.31 PM.png

Children's storybook

Looking Back and Ahead.jpeg

Early career-thinking workshop


Thematic Learning Centre for children


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