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Contagion Exhibition-season

CONTAGION is a 45-day online exhibition season that explored the transmission of diseases, behaviours, and emotions. The exhibition was launched by Science Gallery Bengaluru

I worked on the coordination of website design and production, digital graphics and facilitating kannada mediator-led sessions for school students.


Graphic design, website design coordinationn


February - May 2021

Main visual poster-01.png

Shweta Jangir developed the original poster of the exhibition and we worked together to design graphics based on the same. This involved designing patterns for each sub-theme, icons, and programme announcement graphics


SGB hired Ajaibghar to design the exhibition website. I worked closely with them to details out our requirements, conduct reviews, manage assets and workflow.

Working on the website involved research and coordination on-

  • Interactive online exhibition

  • Bilingualism (Kannada and English)

  • Content Management (16 exhibits and 60+ programmes)

  • Cross-device compatibility

>> To the left: Ajaibghar's website sharing the process and features of the website.

Lancet Post.png

In 2021, CONTAGION was selected as a Falling Walls Winner in the Science Engagement category.

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