Broken Memories

An exploration on virtual narratives, “Broken memories” is an experience around the life journey and memory of a broken tap. Experience being in two different worlds, one the real world, from which you fall into the surreal world, to experience the life journey and memory of a broken tap.

The iterative journey gives the player a chance to explore the various worlds of the tap's memories, in different game life cycles. The time limit of the worlds probes the player to visit again and again but still never be able to experience the complete dream-space, thus leaving the player with a curious mind.

The project was developed with an intent to understand life of a non-human entity beyond the human perspective.

Collaborators: Akshaykumar KCB, Gouthami M G


Virtual Narratives


Personal Project

Guide: Hugo Pilate, Salil Parekh


May 2018


visual narratives process new xyz _edite

Initial sketches of the game narrative.

Scene 01- In a natural setting, the sound of water flowing from a tap makes you curious to find where it is and move closer to it.

Scene 02- Upon reaching closer to the tap, you are pulled into it. As you fall through a dark space, you discover fragments of objects, and sounds that might've have been near the tap in its regular setting.

Scene 03- You fall into the psyche of the tap. Your surrounding is slightly foggy but as you move around, you discover water puddles, items that might've been a part of the tap's journey throughout its life. You move around to discover more and more about what the tap saw and experienced. You find a spiral staircase leading into the opening of a jug. You want to know what is in it and you start climbing the stairs. But wait- what just happened? You blanked out.

And you are back to the real world. You see the tap and you know it is an opening to its fantasy world. Perhaps you will give another shot to find out more about the jug or maybe you will find something else. You go closer to the tap again for another experience..

Paper model of the game narrative.

Screen recording of the final experience.