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Bloop is a fun, interactive toy made for kids aged 2-4 and is inspired by the phenomenon of flowers blooming under the sun. My intent behind the toy was to explore sensors and Arduino to create something playful and long-lasting, all the while hiding the sensors.

The project was done during my exchange semester at the Holon Institute of Technology, Israel.


Pune Design Festival, Lifestyle and Accessory Design, Runner-up

Taiwan International Student Design Festival, Finalist


Toy Design


Personal Project

Guide: Yoni, Michal Bril


January 2017

Junk material from the wood and metal workshop was collected to prototype and build the toy model. This part of the process was extremely fun for me and for the other students in the workshop as everybody would curiously come to the table and start playing with the toy.

Bloop 1.jpeg (2).gif
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