APMV is a VR film made to preserve built and cultural heritage of a 400 year old stepwell called Ashapura Mata ni vav (APMV) in Ahmedabad.

The VR film takes the perspective of a water diviner who stumbles upon the principle deity of the step well who takes him on a narrative about the origin of stepwells, its role in maintaining balance and femininity.

We made this film as an outcome of a co-creative crash-process bringing together the group's interests and focusing on our each other's stronger skills, with a larger goal to create a memorable experience that takes a physical entity from the city to give it a dreamer twist.

Team: Exhibition Design Batch 2015- Akshay Kumar, Annirudh Verma, Gouthami MG, Jessica Jones, Komal Jain, Krishnan Ghosh, Paul Britto, Shubhangi Sangwan, Vishwa Patel and Yatharth

My role: Research, Narrative development, set building, pattern making


VR Film, digital world buidling


Personal Project

Guides: Ayaz Basrai, Salil Parekh, Riyaz Tayyibji


July 2018

The exhibit formed an enclosed space with the exterior resembling an old rock room and once the visitor enters the room, they explore the various cultures that Peepal Tree is a part of through the wall painings and the collaterals.

The roof was designed to create beautiful leaf shadows similar to that of sitting under an actual peepal tree.